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This map displays the habitats of inland waterfowl and wading birds as well as their shoreline zoning areas. Some areas in Maine have only shoreline zoning areas or only inland waterfowl and wading bird habitats, while others contain both. This map displays these three separate but related areas within Maine. 34 different waterfowl species are found in Maine, including ducks, geese and swans. In 2006, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection began to regulate activities occurring in, on or over wading bird habitats.

About the Author

Julia Saul created this map as a junior at Colby College while taking the class "Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing." She is an Environmental Science major and this class is her first hands-on experience with GIS.

Source Data Note

"Inland Waterfowl / Wader Habitat - shore land zoning (SHOREZONE_IWWH)", Maine Office of GIS, 2010

"Inland Waterfowl / Wader Habitat - NRPA (IWWH)", Maine Office of GIS, 2017


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