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Every year the Willamette River, in Oregon rises and sometimes floods. I looked at households in census block groups of Lane County, Oregon that overlapped partially with historically flooded areas of the Willamette River. Using 2010 census data, I used ArcGIS to identify census block groups that intersected with the historical flood plain area. I evaluated whether households based on the race of the householder was any indication of a residence being affected by flooding. I did not find a definitive correlation between the race of a householder and whether a house may be located within the area of a floodplain. It was found that there was statistically a significant difference between the number of white households inside and outside of the floodplain area, a significant difference between Native American householders inside and outside of the flood area, as well as a significant difference for black house owners. However, the statistical test used did not indicate that there was a significant difference in regards to Asian households, within and outside of the flood area.


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