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This map displays Maine in a sense that relates the wildlife (deer wintering areas) with zones that have been negatively impacted by humans with fragmented forest.

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Ellie Linden is a sophomore double majoring in biology and environmental studies: science with a focus in conservation biology. Ellie is from Andover, Connecticut and is also a member of the Colby Women’s Volleyball team.

Source Data Note

The fragmented forest data was downloaded from the National Atlas website, which includes the amount of forest as well as the connectivity between forest spots. The original data source was from the 1990s through Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite imagery, and the data was compiled by the Global Land Cover Characteristics (GLCC) project. Since this data was created on the national level, its detail is not as thorough as that of the data specific to the state of Maine. The fragmentation data is based off of about one square kilometer pixels, so what is shown is not as precise as the deer wintering areas. This data was used in order to try and focus specifically on the phenomenon of fragmented forest rather than the many different types of landscapes present in Maine. In order to try and portray the area more accurately, hydrology was added to show the different areas that appear to be fragmented, but are actually bodies of water. The deer wintering area data came from the Maine Office of GIS, which acquired its data through the Department of Conservation Bureau of Parks and Land, Land Use Regulatory Commission, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and State Planning Office. The hydrology data was obtained from ESRI ArcGIS10 Dataset.


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