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A habitat suitability assessment of prey species of south China tiger in Hupingshan-Houhe National Natural Reserve Complex was carried out using a Geographical Information System. Wild boar was selected as a model species. Information on the habitat requirements and natural history characteristics of wild boar was synthesized from published literatures. A preliminary Prey Habitat Suitability Index model was derived based on criteria that fulfill the species’ requirement and reduce human-wildlife conflict. The study identified parts of the NNR likely more suitable for wild boar. However, further study on wild boar habitat requirement, species distribution field data using radio telemetry, and a complementary study of the ecological and socioeconomic aspects are required for the reintroduction of prey species.

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Born and raised in China, Yiyuan is an Environmental Studies and Economics major and Music minor. Her academic interests and concern come from China's rising economic power and the associated environmental implications. She is currently assisting Professor Philip Nyhus on south China tiger conservation.


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