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Choice, Responsibility, The Price of Change
The interval between Colby's last raid on freshman dorms and the first sit-in was a matter of a few years, Associate Dean of Students Earl Smith told parents of upperclassmen during a panel discussion. What happened in those years? Parents also heard a student, a recent graduate, and two faculty members suggest answers, which are condensed in summation.

Scholar at Work
When photographer Peter Pennypacker '69 accompanied the 1971 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar during two days of intense involvement with students, faculty and the life of the college, he captured something of the spirit of the program and the man - Frederick B. Thompson, professor of applied science and philosophy at California Institute of Technology.

A Sure and Steady Hand: Arthur Seepe Retires
"The retirement of Arthur Seepe, after 35 years of devoted service to Colby College," said President Strider, "is an event that we should mark in the annals of the institution with special respect.… His importance to the college over these many years has been very great indeed.… With a sure and steady hand, he has assisted us in keeping the college on a steady financial keel, sometimes in rough seas. We will always be deeply grateful to him.…"

Webster Chester (1876–1971)
Colby's senior professor-emeritus, alert and in tune with college affairs at age 94, died Oct. 7. A tribute from President Strider in this memorial stresses the contribution he made to the college and to his department (biology), and his uncommon devotion to students for nearly five decades.

Dean Runnals: Reflections
In an interview, Ninetta Runnals, at 87, reveals the same vitality and the interest – in education and young people – that characterized her 27 years as dean at Colby, an era in which women earned increasing acceptance in the college community.


Class News
The Colby Scene



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