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The weekends belonged to J. Seelye and Mary Bixler, and would have even if the football team had upset the most powerful Bowdoin squad in many a year. (It nearly did.) The president-emeritus and his wife were honored on Colby Night, and responded with the warmth, charm and wit which characterized the 18 vital Bixler years at Colby.

The 153rd Class Arrives
President Strider, in his traditional address to freshmen on their first day on campus, discussed what the college offers and what can be expected of students: intellectual challenge, social adaptability, a respect for Colby's heritage, and a sense of decorum and humor. Humility and a realization that all generations hold peace, justice and liberty dear will help sustain the freshman during the next four years, the president suggested.

'Close to the Edge'
Professor Donaldson Koons, chairman of the geology department, isn't sure about the future of our world. But as teacher, after-dinner speaker and chairman of Maine's powerful Environmental Improvement Commission, this busy scientist shows a faith in man's ability to preserve the environment. In an interview, Professor Koons talks about the roots of the pollution problem and suggests that the answer is better education – at Colby and elsewhere.

George Edmund Whalon
The college was saddened with the passing on Sept. 14 of a man who won the respect of the entire Waterville community during 15 years as superintendent of buildings and grounds. Tributes from the community and President Strider's eulogy.

Colby in the News
A wide range of events kept the college in the news during the autumn weeks: appointment of a board of trustees committee to explore the Colby Echo's relationship to the college following publication of an issue containing material of questionable taste; establishment of a George F. Baker Trust scholarship program; and appointments and awards involving the faculty.



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