Colby College

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A Taylor Memorial
Smiling Through
The Christmas Fund
Choosing Trustees
A Type to Pattern
The Alumni Fund
Graduate Gatherings
Stiffening the Vertebrae
The Grip of the Tobacco Trust
A Christian College
The Dean Speaks
And the Taxes


Address at Boston Class Agents' Dinner, By Franklin Winslow Johnson, L.H.D. '91
Tributes to Professor Taylor, By the Graduates
The Colby Student and His Money, By Ernest Cummings Marriner A.B. '13, Dean
Slang of Old, By Joseph Coburn Smith, M.A. '24
Christmas Fund Givers, By the President
Philadelphia Colby Night, By Raymond I. Haskell '14, Secretary
Our Graduates Geographically, By Carl Frederick Foster '33
From the Office of the Dean of Women, By Ninetta May Runnals, Litt.D. '08
Generous Words for the Alumnus, By the Editor
From the Alumnae Office, By Alice May Purinton, A. M. '99, Alumnae Secretary
Dean Shailer Mathews, An Appreciation, By Charles W. Gilkey, D.D., (Hon. Grad. '30)
Letters Commending the Alumni Fund, By the Graduates
The Annual Alumni Dinners, By G. Cecil Goddard, A.B. '29, Alumni Secretary
Boston Class Agents' Dinner, By the Alumni Secretary
New York Colby Alumni Dinners, By the Secretaries
Faculty Conference on Religion, By Herbert Lee Newman , B.D. '18
From Undergraduate Windows, By Carleton Dutton Brown '33, Evelyn Rose Stapleton '33
All Roads lead to 1933 Commencement, By the Alumni Secretary
Candidates for Alumni Trustees, By the Secretary of Alumni Association
Candidates fur Alumnae Trustees, By the Secretary of Alumnae Association
Among the Graduates, By the Editor
In Memoriam, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Old Recitation Hall Damaged by Fire
Free Tuition for Unemployed Graduates
Life Sketch of Robie Gale Frye '82, By the Editor



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