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Democracy and the Press
In his address as Elijah Lovejoy Fellow, editor and publisher John S. Knight reflects on a diversity of matters-credibility, press "myopia," responsibility, objectivity, dissent, youth, involvement, and courage. In a newspaper era where personal leadership has faded Mr. Knight bucks the trend with a habit of saying, "Here I stand…" Summing up his beliefs in a speech to fellow publishers a few years ago he said, "There is no known substitute on the market for integrity and character, and no synthetic has ever been discovered for guts."

Other Days
The enticing photograph, at left, of College Avenue in 1914 is printed from a glass plate negative, one of several which have been presented by John E. Roberts, professor of chemistry at the University of Massachusetts. The photographs were taken, with meticulous care, by his father, Professor Edwin J. Roberts, a member of the chemistry faculty at Colby from 1911 to 1914. Future issues will carry more of these choice Waterville scenes and landscapes, recorded more than 50 years ago.

Constitutional Convention and the Board
This issue covers in depth the Constitutional Convention and the resulting action of the board of trustees. Professor Leonard Mayo, who presided with unprecedented skill and patience, provides, on pages 17-22, his own assessment of the convention. What he cannot stress is the contribution he made on every front with his tact, his professional acumen, and his humanity. Stephen Orlov, 1971, in a spontaneous expression of thanks on the convention floor summarized the delegates' feelings: "Dr. Mayo has instilled within us the spirit of harmony and the warm atmosphere of fraternal ideals which are so essential for the attainment of our community quest."

January Morning
Irving Faunce, a graduate of last June who has remained at Colby to work in the areas of news and photography, is responsible for several photographs. On pages 23-25, his camera handsomely records a stroll down the main campus road following a heavy snow storm.



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