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They Want to Understand
The concern of two generations over events that angered and bewildered observers during a tense spring is captured in the cover photo. They are listening to U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith answer questions on the Asian war. Mrs. Smith and Senator Edmund S. Muskie came to Colby, summoned by students from 17 Maine institutions, to state positions on the war and domestic strife that sparked college strikes across the country. A report on the strike appears on pages 1-4.

A Medal's Winning
What does citizenship mean to students? Randall J. Condon '86 established a measuring device 50 years ago this spring by endowing a medal which goes each year to the senior judged Colby's outstanding citizen by classmates. The first went to John W. Brush, now a widely known theologian. Colby marked the 50th anniversary by publishing a booklet on Condon's life and ideals written by the distinguished educator's son-in-law, Frank C. Foster '16. Dr. Brush and Ellen McCue Taylor, a recent medal winner, reflect on the changing concept of student citizenship (pages 8-9).

Whither the Radical?
We might imagine that after graduation, the student radical will remain forever outside the pale. But as Professor John C. Sheehan suggests (pages 10-11), that wouldn't be very realistic: industrial management will make accommodations to attract radical young people and tap their creative energy. The prize-winning M.I.T. chemist spoke at Colby during the recent Institute for Maine Industry.

Sharing the Task
A college shares society's obligation to redress social wrongs by seeking out disadvantaged students and by providing financial aid for them. At issue are the pace and direction the college should take in assuming its share of the task. Pages 14-15 relate how Colby has come to grips with the issue in recent months.



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