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Retirement: the Chappie Era Ends
After forty-one years professor, counsellor, helper, Alfred K. Chapman ends his career. An attempt, albeit feeble, to honor one of those rare persons who truly deserves to be called 'beloved, dedicated.'

Patriotism Then and Now
Based on four Civil War letters recently presented to the college, John J. Pullen '35 molds a provocative article on the intriguing problem having to do with a democracy at war. Mr. Pullen is author of the book, The Twentieth Maine.

Baccalaureate: Some Dicta…
President Strider discusses those characteristics he believes the graduate should possess, basing this broadly on two statements. The first: Faulkner's, 'I decline to accept the end of man'; the second, David McCord's, 'Life is the only thing we have to lead.'

Comments on Studentry (France, America)
Parallels, and non-parallels, between the student uprising in France in 1968 and the unrest, and rebellion, on American campuses. Jean Bundy, head of the department of modern foreign languages, offers his analysis – through first-hand experience: he was in France on a Fullbright grant during that stormy year.

Of Words and Visual Bridges
A Colby parent (Donna '70), Earl Sundeen is supervising editor in charge of graphical arts technical publications at Eastman Kodak in Rochester. He has, in recent years, worked on programs (in schools and colleges) concerned with the urgent need for education in effective communication – especially as applied to the visual and graphic arts. National executive secretary of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, he has received TAGA's Elmer G. Voigt award as well as the President's medal of the International Graphic Arts Education Association.



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