Colby College

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A Memorable Occasion
Again Eighty-Odd
Moving Forward
On the Hill
Humility — a Lost Art?
A Suggestion
The Arts
Future of the Alumnus
No Salary Cuts
A Tested Method
Optimistic Notes


Commencement Address, By John H. Finley, LL.D.
Baccalaureate Address, By Thomas Sherrard Roy, D.D.
Commencement Dinner Address, By Franklin Winslow Johnson, L.H.D. '91
Commencement Dinner Address, By Frank William Padelford, D.D. '91
"Prexy" — a Real Human Being, By Harland R. Ratcliffe, B.S. '23
Address of Class Guest of Honor, By George Otis Smith, Ph.D. '93
The Colby Cross-Country Debate Trip, By Martin Sorenson, A.B. '32
Slavery or Freedom — Class Day Oration, By Brittain Webster, B.S. '32
Walls — Undergraduate Address, By Evelyn Johnson, A.B. '32
The Only Way Out — Undergraduate Address, By Stanley Luther Clement, A.B. '32
Citations for Recipients of Honorary Degrees, By Herbert Elijah Wadsworth, A.B. '92, Chairman of Board
Meeting of Alumni Association, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13
Meeting of Alumnae Association, By Harriet Vigue Bessey, A.B. '97, Secretary
Class Agents' Dinner, By Alice May Purinton, A.M. '99, Alumnae Secretary

Class Reunions:
1872, By Washington Wilder Perry, A.M.
1882, By Robie Gale Frye, A.B.
1887, By Fred Kramph Owen, A.B.
1892, By Frank Barrett Nichols, A.B.
1902, By Nellie Lovering Rockwood, A.B.

Another Commencement, By Eighty-Odd
The Fraternity Question, By "A. G. S.," (Lewiston Journal), Editor, Colby Echo
Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
In Memoriam: By the Editor
Dr. Edwin C. Whittemore '79, Honored, By George Merriam, D.D. '79



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