Colby College

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An Achievement
Freshman Reading
Th Cornish Letters
Whither in Education?
Fraternity Expenses
An Inspiring Example
Coming Back Home
Colby Women and Debating


From the Administrative Office, By Franklin Winslow Johnson, L.H.D. '91, President
A Personal Tribute, By Arthur G. Staples ("A.G.S.") M.A
Colby in Washington, By the Editor
A Letter from China, By Chester Frank Wood, A.B. '14
A Letter from Palestine, By Nellie Bakeman Donovan, A.B. '93
A Letter from Burma, By Gordon Enoch Gates, A.B. '19
The Good Old Days and Now, By Joseph Coburn Smith, M.A. '24
Alumnae Trustee at Last, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13
A Letter to a Salesman of Securities, By George Stanley Stevenson, A.B. '02
Annual Banquet Boston Colby Alumni, By Harland Roger Ratcliffe, B.S. '23
Portland Gathering of Colby Men, By William Sheldon Chapin, B.S. '29
Colby Gather at Hartford, By Royden K. Greely B.S. '13
Neighbors of the Rural Maine Coast, Reprinted
Letters from College Presidents, By the Editor
"Ben" Butler '38, By Director Colby Publicity
Boston Colby Alumni Thirty Years Ago, By the Editor
Waterville Citizens Praise Lecture Course, By the Editor
Colby Publicity Fifty Years Ago, Contributed
Colby-Dartmouth Life in 1836, By the Editor
Waterville Celebrates, By the Editor
Editorial Comment on Colby and Waterville, By the Editor
Waterville's '"Roll of Honor", By the Editor
"Colby Comments", By Director of Colby Publicity
April Meeting Board of Trustees, By Edwin Carey Whittemore, D.D. '79
Scholarship and Common Sense, By Kennneth C. M. Sills, LL.D.
In Memoriam, By the Editor
Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02



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