Colby College

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Value of the ALUMNUS
"If" Again
Alumni Secretary
The Study of Latin
More Study — Less Distractions
Moving the College
Trials of a College President
Large Trees
At Lovejoy's Tomb


If I Were To Go Through Colby Again, By Marian Ingalls Hague, A.B. '13, Elizabeth Josephine Dyar, B.S. '22, Louise Lee Steele, A.B. '23, Harriet Maria Pearce '22, Mattie Windell Allen, A. B. '13, Ida Jones Smith, A.B. '23, Merle Davis Hamilton, B.S. '21, Elizabeth McCausland, A.B. '19, Ella Lydia Vinal, B.S. '28, Hilda Maria Fife, A.B. '26
April Meeting of the Board of Trustees, By Edwin Carey Whittemore, D.D. '79, Secretary
Anent Moving the College, By the Editor
Professor Taylor and Personality, An Alumnus of the Eighties
Some Early Books in the Colby Library, By Robert Bingham Downs, M.S., Librarian
Some Roberts Letters, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Concerning the Author of America, By the Editor
The 1930 Commencement, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13
The Boston Colby Alumni Dinner, By Linwood Leighton Workman, A.B. '02
Memories of the College, By Thomas Benton Briggs '64
Comparison in College Salaries, By the Editor
Colby in 1874, By the Editor
Hampton's Fourth Principal, By lsaac Fisher
On Maine's Sharing in an Unveiling, "A. G. S." in Lewiston Journal
Comment on the ALUMNUS, Editor, Lewiston Journal
Class Reunions, By Joseph Coburn Smith, A.B. '24
The Death of Morgan '15, By the Editor
With Mr. Taft on His Maine Tour, By the Editor
Candidates for Alumni Trustees, By the Secretary Alumni Association
A Memorial Elegy (A Poem), By Edward John Colcord, Litt.D. '75
Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
In Memoriam, By the Editor
Colby Lore, By Joseph Coburn Smith, A.B. '24, Alumni Secretary
University Club of Boston Extends Welcome
New Site for Colby — Where? By the Editor



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