Colby College

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A Lesson from the Munsey Will
Reunioning Classes for 1926
The Taylor Memoirs
Where Duty Points
The Christmas Club Givers
The Meeting of the Trustees
Arc We in Line?
This Issue of the Alumnus
Plans for the Next Commencement
"Among the Graduates"
The Annual Catalogue


"Among the Graduates"
Culture, By Julian Daniel Taylor. LL.D. '68
Horizons, By Albion Woodbury Small, Ph.D. '76
What Shall We Teach? By Randall Judson Condon, LL.D. '86
The Earlier and Later Methods of Study, By Harrington Putnam, LL.D. '70
The Church and the Economic and Industrial Problem, By Shailer Mathews, D.D. '84
Art, Charles Hovey Pepper, L.H.D. '89
The Government as a Business Man, By George Otis Smith. Ph.D. '93
What Shall I Do? By Fenwicke Lincoln Holmes, B.A. '06
Glimpses Along the Trail, By Ernest George Walker '90
The American Magazine, By Merle Crowell '10
The General Alumni Association, By Fred Foss Laurence, B.A. '00
Coburn Classical Institute, By Drew Thompson Harthorn, M.A. '94
The November Meeting of the Board of Trustees, By Edwin Carey Whittemore, D.D. '79, Secretary
The Colby Christmas Club, By President Roberts '90
The Chapel Bell, By Louise Jobson Chapman '27
The Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Scholarship Fund, By President Roberts
Some Prominent Colby Women, By Marguerite Chase '27
Memorial Services for Judge Cornish '75, By the Editor
A Colby Reminiscence, Written by Samuel Francis Smith
Classes That Will Hold Reunions, Commencement, 1926, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, B.A. '13
Easter Gifts for the Colby Library, By the Librarian
In Memoriam, By the Editor



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