Colby College

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Among the Trustees:
Herbert M. Lord '84
Franklin W. Johnson '91

The New Head of the Alumni Association
Changes in the College Faculty
Physical Training for the Women
Colby Track Coach


Letters from Colby's Sons and Daughters, By the Editor
The Death of Richard Cutts Shannon '62

Among Maine's Preparatory Schools:
At Ricker, By Ernest H. Stover '92
At Coburn, By Drew T. Harthorn '95
At Higgins, By William A. Tracy '14
At Hebron, By Ernest C. Mariner '13
At Oak Grove, By Robert E. Owen '14
At Lee Academy, By John K. Pottle '18

Athletics at the College:
New Proposals for the Alumni Association, By Archer Jordan '95
Track Athletics, By Michael J. Ryan
Report on Physical Training for the Women's Division, By Special Committee
Good Sportsmanship, By Frank W. Manson '98

The Profession of Journalism, By Oliver L. Hall '93
Colby's Foreign and Home Missionaries, By the Editor
Some Well-Wishes from '65, By Augustus D. Small '65
The Aims of the Promotion Committee, By Rose Adelle Gilpatrick '92
Some Tabulations from the General Catalog, By Charles P. Chipman '06
A Word from the Orient, By Hazel E. Barney '18
Colby Sons of Colby Sons and Daughters, By J. Hardy Patten '23
Statistics of Student Enrollment at Colby, 1825–1920
On the Campus
Maine's Reformatory for Men, By Harold E. Donnell '12
Boston Colby Alumni Meetings, By One-Who-Was-There
November Meeting Board of Trustees, By Charles E. Owen '79
In Memoriam
With the Alumni and Alumnae, By the Editor



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