Honors Theses from 2016


Global Reach, Local Markets: The Challenges of Leading Global Innovation, Sarah Higgins

Honors Theses from 2015


Mobilization and Resignation: Argentine Riparian Community Responses to the Proposed Garabí and Panambí Hydroelectric Dams, Carolyn Bennett


Bhabha's Hybridity and Kenyan Development: A Close Look at Banking, Land and Health, Hannah F. Tuttle and Hannah Tuttle

Honors Theses from 2014


Awareness, Agency, and Alternatives: Opportunities and Challenges for CONAMURI and the Paraguayan Women’s Food Sovereignty Movement in an Age of Social Media, BriAnne Illich

Honors Theses from 2013


Aiding or Abetting? An Analysis of Medical Humanitarian Aid in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Claire Dunn


An Unexpected Verdict: Exploring the Economic Implications of an Expanding Chinese Presence in Dakar's Informal Market, Georgina Hurst


Through the Eyes of Urban Students: Educational Inequality and Socioeconomic Disparities in Santiago, Chile, Hillary Sapanski


Repercussions on the Educational System? The Argentine Example of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program: Asignación Universal por Hijo (AUH), Grace Schlesinger

Honors Theses from 2011


From Victims and Villains to Protagonists: Immigration and Citizenship in Modern Italy, Rachel Gleicher

Honors Theses from 2010


Erasing the Steps of Kingdom: Indigenous Autonomy in Chiapas, Mexico and the Zapatistas' Re-conception of Power, Tara Brian

Honors Theses from 2009

Keys and Orchards: Memory and the Palestinian Diaspora, 1948-Present, Daniela Andreevska

Antibiotics, Herbs, and Magic: Health Practices in Contemporary St. Petersburg, Christine Shu

Honors Theses from 2006

Of Catholics and Politics in China: an Evaluation of the Political Agency of the Chinese Catholic Church, Sarah J. Schleck

Honors Theses from 2005


Liberalization of village banking in Guatemala: structural differences in village banking institutions, Erica L. Hill


Governmental resistance in international intellectual property rights, Emily Honig

Honors Theses from 2004


Pyaguapy Ita: Silencing the Singing Stone: the Impact of Modern Technology on Indigenous People in Brazil, Caitlin Cassis


Building Morocco through literacy: women's participation in development, Elizabeth L. Holmes


Evaluations and Project Effectiveness : an Investigation into the Evaluation Processes of Development Projects in Bolivia, Kristin Saucier

Honors Theses from 2002


Collective memory of Vichy : Moulin, Pétain, and the Vél' d'Hiv', Kathryn W. Bondy


Time of Pachakutik: an Examination of the Ecuadorian Indigenous Movement, Eliza Cooke Kittredge

Honors Theses from 2001

Two hours from freedom: an examination of NGO involvement in the "Kamaiya" liberation movement of Nepal, Elicia Carmichael

Debt-Driven Financing: An Environmental Conservation Miracle?, Stephanie Graber

Honors Theses from 1998


Contributions of private investment in post-conflict Guatemala: evidence from socially responsible Maquiladoras, Jeana L. Flahive


"Entre la espada y la pared" : "Up against the wall": Bolivian coca farmers and alternative development under the Estrategia Boliviana de la lucha contra el narcotráfico 1998-2002, Heather Anne Golding

Honors Theses from 1996

State of the world's promise: the children are waiting..., Anna Hamlen

Spinning the Wheel of Globalization: Employment Effects on the French and Mexican Spokes, Jennifer Pope

Balancing Development: The Neoliberal Economy and Women in Chile, Marybeth Thomson

Honors Theses from 1995

Role of the US Military in Humanitarian Interventions: The Case of Somalia, Delia C. Welsh

Honors Theses from 1994


The Politics of Privatization in Egypt, Michelle Tadros

The Macroeconomic Effects of Economic Integration on Developing Economies: The Case of Spain and Implications for Mexico, Jennifer L. Zwick