Senior Scholars Papers from 1996

Electron microprobe partition coefficient measurements near the OL-OPX-CPX-GAR join at 10 kilobars, Matthew O'Connell

Senior Scholars Papers from 1994


Characterization of the 4.5S RNA molecule in Escherichia coli, Bruce John Panilaitis

Senior Scholars Papers from 1992


Involvement of free radicals in peroxidatic reactions catalyzed by chloroperoxidase, David P. Provencal


Characterization and Implementation of a Continuos Flow Trace Metal Preconcentration System for Inductively Couples Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry, Robert N. Sibley

Senior Scholars Papers from 1990


Enforcement in environmental law: an economic analysis of citizen suits, Wendy S. Naysnerski


Two-dimensional gel electrophoretic analysis of cellular proteins from escherichia coli in the presence of mutated and homologous genes for 4.5S RNA, Michael O'Loughlin

Analysis of the Chlorination and Bromination Reaction Mechanisms of the Enzyme Chloroperoxidase, Amy Shedd

Senior Scholars Papers from 1981


Synthesis of carbon nucleosides : potential antibiotics, Jeffery Davis

Senior Scholars Papers from 1978


Crown ethers : applications in inorganic synthesis, Robert L. Sundberg

Senior Scholars Papers from 1974

Nitrogen Fixation: a Problem in Inorganic Synthesis, Theodore Logan

Senior Scholars Papers from 1973


The development of a Defense System against Coxsackievirus B5 Infection in Suckling Mice, Neal Shadoff

Senior Scholars Papers from 1972

Development of a Spectophotometric Assay for Thiamine, Mark Pecevich

Senior Scholars Papers from 1971


Mercury content of tobacco products, Karen S. Mrozek

Senior Scholars Papers from 1970


A Dialyzable Phospholipid Renin Inhibitor, Donna L. Webber

Senior Scholars Papers from 1969


Relative electronegativities of the propyl groups, Barry Arkin


Relative donor properties of various propyl ketones in iodine solution using spectroscopic methods, Christine Franchi

An Investigation of Unusual Forms of Thiamine, Stuart M. Rosenfeld

Senior Scholars Papers from 1968


Relative acidity of tripropylboranes, R. Libby

A Chemical Assay for Renin, Bruce B. McDonald

The Effect of Heavy Metals on the Activity of Bovine Renin, William George Tsiaras

Senior Scholars Papers from 1967

Spectrophotometric Analytical Technique for Tryptophan and Tyrosine, Lawrence H. Bernstein


Synthesis of Hydroxy Tetronic Acid, Phyllis Elaine Hoar

Senior Scholars Papers from 1966

Synthesis of 2,2-dimethyl-4-hexanone via Grignard Additions to Tert.-butylacetyl-chloride and Tert.-butylacetonitrile, Jean Kathryn Hoffman Clipsham


Oxidation of tetronic acids, Peter Densen

Studies toward the Synthesis of 1,3-propane-10,10-bis Phenothiazine, Barry Kligerman

An Investigation of Alkaloidal Substances in Amyris Elemifera, William Koster

Senior Scholars Papers from 1956

Paper Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis as Methods of Determining Relationships among Crayfishes, Forrest Goodall