Honors Theses from 2014


Generational Dream: First Generation American Citizens and Their Relationship to the American Dream, Anna A. Mintz

Honors Theses from 2012


Edible Activism: Food and the Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, Sandra Johnson


“Called Her Women Together” Home Birth in Maine, Margaret Kruithoff


Royal Crisis: Masculinity in Disney Princess Films, Kathleen Ricciardi

Honors Theses from 2010


Race & Rock & Roll: A Visual Analysis of Rolling Stone Cover Photography, Erica D. Block

Honors Theses from 2009


One Generation Consuming the Next: The Racial Critique of Consumerism in George Romero’s Zombie Films, Henry Powell

Honors Theses from 2008


Coalitions for victory: the necessity of alliance creation for progressive ballot initiative campaigns, Julie Bero

Honors Theses from 2006


Exploring Opportunity in America: Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Rags to Riches Success, Anna Erdheim

Honors Theses from 1999


Shaping Realities: A Study of the Connection Between White Hegemony in Popular Culture and the Deprecatory Self-Image of African Americans, Rebecca Thornton


Sorting Out the American Dream - The Short Stories of Raymond Carver, Matt Williams

Honors Theses from 1998

Demystifying the "Amy Tan Phenomenon" - The Contemporary Popularization of Asian American Women's Literature, Kristin M. Wildman

Honors Theses from 1995


Diners in America : an evolutionary process, Jill Gardner

Harlem Renaissance and the intertextuality of the arts of passing, Anne McManus

Honors Theses from 1992


Success and failure in the life of Edwin Arlington Robinson, Katey Ford

Honors Theses from 1991

Male Domination/Female Degradation: Women's Sexuality in Bestselling Romance Fiction from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Barbara L. Shaw

Honors Theses from 1990


Corporate hierarchies: communities of women in the fiction of Sarah Orne Jewett, Jennifer Milsop

Honors Theses from 1989


Fundamental American studies cocktail trivia, Joanne Tuffy Kriegel

Honors Theses from 1988


Irish-American fiction and the ethnic identity of Irish-Americans, Mary Carty

Hispanic-American culture in California, Kimberly Lynch

Garrison Keillor: Growing Up and Growing Old in America. Finding a Cultural Bridge to the Past., Lisa Jayne Tomasetti

Nikki Giovanni: Sell-out or Individual?, Nell Walker

Honors Theses from 1987

American Colleges of the 1920s: Myth vs. Reality, Deborah Fillman


Rise to power of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy: reflections of the Cold War McCarthy era in American film, Scott Lainer

Colby College: The Developmental Plan, Katharine V. R. Webster

Honors Theses from 1986

Burning of the Ursuline convent, Gregory Cronin

Honors Theses from 1985


The American West: An Analysis of the Development of Myth as Portrayed in American Literature, Gus Wilmerding